Discover the history of the hotel, the school and their evolution over the years!


      The Hotel Lesdiguières, a veritable institution, has passed through the 20th century, undergoing changes and transformations that have allowed it to become part of the architectural and gastronomic heritage of the City of Grenoble for a long time. Completely renovated and restored, the hotel of application today has regained the brilliance and presence of its youth, to continue its mission of training by offering a framework, that only 4 public educational institutions in France, have the chance to to possess. This establishment has maintained a warm and comfortable atmosphere, highlighting the lounges, dining rooms, 20 rooms, and seminar rooms. The kitchen workshops and annexes, now completely renovated, offer added value to the training of students.


The history of the Lesdiguières Hotel began in 1896, when Mr Alfred VIALLET became the owner of a charming 40-room hotel, surrounded by a huge park in the middle of which was a lake whose waters offered peaceful moments to lovers of canoeing and angling.


It was only in 1917, thanks to a decision taken by the Minister of Trade of the Postal and Telegraph Industry, that the ECOLE PRATIQUE OF THE ECOLE OF THE ALPES FRANCAISES, the result of cooperation between the State, the Department and the City, was created. Grenoble and the profession, attached to the Ecole VAUCANSON administratively as well as for theoretical teachings and boarding school.


In 1932, 15 years later, the city of Grenoble acquired the park and hotel which it modernized, renovated and expanded and it was only in 1963 that the School of Application of the French Alps became the Mixed Municipal School Of Hotelier de Grenoble. He then moved into a now-degone premises at the 82nd Liberation Course.


In 1975, like many high schools it is nationalized but the hotel retains a legal status department-city, to municipal management. And we begin, at this time, to evoke the reconstruction of the technical hotel school, on another site, Grenoble? Meylan? Echirolles?


At the same time, the decision to build a professional hotel high school was made and it was in 1977 that the professional hotel high school Le Clos d’Or opened its doors with Monique Bonnet at its head.


However, it was not until a few years before the decision to build the current high school, Avenue Beaumarchais, was made in 1990 and Anne Vigneron, Principal, finally opened it in September 1992.


In 1993, the Rector of the Academy of Grenoble, initiated a reflection on the policy of hotel training and the emergence of a hotel hub for the city of Grenoble. For example, Principal Bernard COHEN brings together the staff of the two institutions, the local authorities as well as the institutional and professional partners around the project of the merger of the Le Clos Professional High School. and the Technological High School invites Hôtelier.Il, in addition, the training partners such as the Training Group of the Isère Chamber of Commerce and the Pierre Mendès France University to build a coherent training project, cap apprenticeships, initial courses under school status – BEP, BAC PRO, BAC TECHNO, Additional Mentions – as well as higher education BTS and LICENCE.


In 1994, all partners reached an agreement and signed a Partnership Charter. The city of Grenoble sells the Hotel Lesdiguières to the Rhône Alpes region for an emphyteotic lease. Thus, the project to restructure the premises of the hotel and the Clos d’Or was adopted by the guardianship community, the Rhône Alpes Region, and the design offices began their work.


It was at the beginning of 2000 with the arrival of Lucie BELCHIOR, the new Principal, that the renovation of the hotel began and the reconstruction of new premises on the Site of the Clos d’Or and was completed in September 2004.


The Hotel Lesdiguières, closed from January 2001 to March 2003 for a total rehabilitation of the building, has undergone a real transformation since 20 rooms including a suite, as well as a seminar room have been restored. Students now have services on each floor, as well as educational grouping rooms and accommodation. The renovated and embellished hotel infrastructure restores a sparkle and presence to this architectural jewel anchored in the city of Grenoble. The application kitchen and restaurant have also been completely renovated. The layout, equipment and equipment, as well as the dishes and decorations allow all the students of the Lycée to discover a high-performance catering unit and a quality professional environment. Finally, kitchens, an educational restaurant and classrooms have been set up at the back of the hotel to accommodate the apprentices of the Training Group of the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and their trainers.


With its new training map, the school was labelled “Lycée des Métiers de l’Hotel and Tourism” in January 2002 by the Minister Delegate for Professional Training, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The work carried out by the teaching teams is bearing fruit, as the school continues to enjoy an ever-increasing reputation. As a result, the settlement project is evolving, and it is constantly adapting to the new requirements of the profession and the professions of Hospitality, Food and Tourism, allowing access to lifelong learning, CAP to the License. The Continuous Training of Adults in partnership with the GRETA Alpes-Dauphiné and the Validation of the Acquired Experience, is also reactivated. Today, Lesdiguières can take pride in promoting the arts of the table and the hospitality trades while maintaining its emblematic character of establishment at the service of training and public service.


A veritable institution in Grenoble, the Lycée Hotelier Lesdiguières celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. For this anniversary, some former students who became great Star chefs or the best workers in France have returned to their roots. Yesterday, they offered an exceptional dinner to a hundred guests.